ZiLing Yan – People From Ningbo

ZiLing Yan (Chinese: 严子陵)(BC39—AC41), East Han Dynasty. He is a classmate of Han GuangWu Emperor Xiu Liu(Chinese 汉光武刘秀).

When Xiu became the emperor, he wanted to invite Ziling to be an officer, and provided the offer several times, however, Ziling refused it all the time. He would rather to go fishing dressing on a sheep feather in the countryside and stayed with poorverty.

Well, his value from this be-loved story maybe not be understood by young people nowadays. In fact, though he did not went to the office and get the salary, he did what he could to his classmate and the people. He gave advises, suggestions to the officers. So he behaved like a volunteer officer.

Regarding his products. it seems that he did not leave anything in paper, however, people in late time worked out 172 articles, 1351 poems, 100 ci, 24 songs, 21 proses and 2 scripts(文章172篇,诗1351篇,词100篇,曲24篇,赋21篇,剧本2本) to discuss Ziling.