Zhifo Chen’s old house

Zhifo Chen(Chinese:陈之佛) (1896.9.23–1962.1.15) ever leart at the jintang school, in 1916, he graduated from a texture school in Hangzhou(Chinese: 杭州甲种工业学校机织科), and stayed in the school for teaching the patterns. In 1918, he went to Tokyo of Japan for further study the patterns in an artist school(Chinese:日本东京美术学校工艺图案科), as one of the earliest student to study industrial art abroad to Japan.

Zhifo Chen is a great master of modern Chinese painting, one of the most accomplished modern painter. His fine brushwork birds and flowers show a new vitality. Chen Zhifo has completed only 500 pieces of creation, creating a new miracle in the field of modern Chinese fine brushwork and painting. Known as Chen in the title “South Chen North Yu” (Chinese: 南陈北于, Yu refers to 于非闇, another artist).

Here are some of his art works.

chenzhifo’s art work
chenzhifo’s art work

His old house locates at Xiaoji north lane, Hushan, Cixi, Ningbo of China, which is built by his grandfather. It’s about 957.74 square meters, a traditional house with south of the Chang Jiang river style.

chenzhifo's old house
chenzhifo’s old house