Yán She family hotel

Yán She(Chinese:芫舍) family hotel started to operate from 2016. It’s about one hour way(31.1km) from Ningbo Lishe international airport, and one hour way(27.6km) from Ningbo east station.

It has about 1200 square meters, wifi,air conditions and hair drier available in all rooms, hot water ready for 24 hours.

It can be contacted by:
Phone: 13780095623 (English speakers may not be able to be understand via phone, it’s better to speak Chinese)
Adress: Meishu bay, Hengxi town, Yinzhou district, Ning city,Zhejiang Province, China(Chinese: 鄞州区横溪镇梅树湾)

yan she hotel in ningbo
yan she hotel in ningbo