Geographic of Ningbo

Ningbo, one of the richest cities in east China’s Zhejiang Province, with a population of 5.8 million, boasts beautiful landscaping, a flourishing culture and tasty food. The city across Hangzhou Bay has become a more and more popular weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.

Geographical Position:

Ningbo bounded on the east by the East China Sea and Zhoushan Archipelago, on the north by Hangzhou Bay, on the west by Shaoxing, and on the south by Taizhou.

Land area:

9,816 km2 including 531 islands accounting for 524 km2 of the total.


Ningbo has a subtropical monsoon climate, featuring mild temperatures, moderate humidity and four distinctive seasons. The mean annual temperature is 16.4 degrees Celsius with monthly daily averages ranging from 4.7 degrees in January and 28 in July. Ningbo receives an average annual rainfall of around 1,480 millimeters, 60 percent of which comes between May and September.


• Bridges
Since the late 1980s, 16 bridges have been built across the city’s three major rivers and another 27 are under construction.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge, a combination cable-stayed bridge and causeway across Hangzhou Bay, opened to the public on May 1, 2008. This bridge connects Shanghai and Ningbo. It is considered the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world. It is the world’s second-longest bridge, after the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway in Louisiana, United States.

• Sea

The port of Ningbo is one of the world’s busiest ports, ranked 2nd by cargo tonnage in 2008, and 7th in TEU.

• Air

Ningbo Lishe International Airport has regularly scheduled domestic and international flights.


Three railway lines intersect in Ningbo: the Xiaoshan–Ningbo Railway (Xiaoyong Line), which runs west to Hangzhou, the Ningbo–Taizhou–Wenzhou (Yongtaiwen) Railway, which runs south to Wenzhou, and the Hangzhou–Ningbo High-Speed Railway, which runs parallel to the Xiaoyong Line providing high-speed railway service. It takes around 2 hours by high-speed train from Shanghai to Ningbo.

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