Tao Tang’s old house

Tao Tang (Chinese: 唐弢) was born in 1913/3/3 in Zhenghai(currently Jiangbei district), Ningbo, China. He died in 1992 in Beijing. He is a writer and book collector. His collection of books has a large number of 43,000, including 16,700 kinds of magazines, 26,300 kinds of books. He is No.1 book collector of China.

Tao’s father was cheated by a cooperator in paper when Tao is a child, so he decided to send Tao to the school. Some local people of his hometown said that farmer’s child will not be able to come out, Tao tried to write some poems to prove his education value. However, his father got heavy sick psychologically because of the bad economic condition. So he had to stop his education from middle school in grade seven, and went to the post office as a letter picker. He kept writing in his spare time. In 1978, he became the part-time profession of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

His old house was not protected well, and near it lives some families…well, because it’s a house once built by a poor family, so it does not have a good looking, which visitors want to pay visiting from a long distance.

tangtao's old house
tangtao’s old house