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Cixi Big Theatre Open

Hall of the theatre

cix big theatre
out look of cix big theatre

Local elder people love to see and hear local opera: Shaoxing opera(越剧). Shaoxing is a city near Ningbo, in the ancient time, Yue kingdom was ever located in Shaoxing. The Xi shi was a famous beauty of Yue kingdom during the Spring and autumn period of Chinese history. Shaoxing opera was sung in local dialect.

jiu jin girl
shaoxing opera

The No.1 bus began to run in the 1990’s, most people except business men can only reach very short distance from home, so many of the elder people could neither speak nor understand the Mandarin. However, when the high level education was made universal, TV went into more families’ home, business brought more people from other cities and provinces, Mandarin became more and more popularized in young people. So now in the new theatre some modern dramas and music dramas will be played.