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Ningbo Rail Transit

Currently there’re two lines are working now. Four other lines are under construction.

The line No.1 went from eastern to the western, the line No.2 went from the northeast (Ningbo University, Chinese: 宁波大学) to the southwest(Ningbo lishe airport, Chinese:宁波栎社机场), the two lines meet at the center of the city: Gulou(Chinese: 鼓楼)

Ningbo Rail Transit lines
Ningbo Rail Transit lines

Some stops you may pay visiting for travelling:

  1. Liang&Zhu (Chinese: 梁祝)
  2. South Gate (Chinese: 西门口)
  3. GuLou (Chinese: 鼓楼)
  4. East Gate (Chinese: 东门口)
  5. Cherry Park (Chinese: 樱花公园)


  1. Ningbo University (Chinese: 宁波大学)
  2. Lulin (wholesale for sea foods, Chinese: 路林)
  3. Bund bridge(Chinese: 外滩大桥)
  4. GuLou (Chinese: 鼓楼)
  5. Ningbo east railway station (Chinese: 宁波东站)
  6. Passenger Center (Chinese: 客运中心)
  7. Ningbo Lishe international airport (Chinese: 宁波栎社国际机场)