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Bean Candy

doushutang doushutang2 doushutang3

The bean candy(Chinese: 三北豆酥糖, pinyin: sān beǐ dòu sū táng).

There’re four steps to make it as the following described in Chinese, and we’ll not translate them into English, instead, we’ll take photos or video, or show you at the scene :

4.包装:用纸把豆酥包好即为成品。因豆酥糖容易受潮,以贮藏于铁皮箱里为好。 质量标准:形态:外形方正,大小均匀,包装平整。

Straw Hat in Changhe Town

Chinese: 长河草帽

caomao01caomaoStraw hats are traditional folk arts and crafts in Cixi. The straw plaited articles in Cixi are exported in great number to over 80 countries and regions, including Britain, the US, France and Japan.Changhe Town is called as the “land of straw plaited articles”. The straw plaited articles are easy to carry when going out.

Lotus Root Silk Sugar


The lotus root silk sugar(Chinese: 三北藕丝糖) is a traditional food of Cixi. In late years of the Qing Dynasty, it was brought into the court and greatly favored by the Empress Dowager Cixi.

  In the late 19th century, the lotus root silk sugar also enjoyed great popularity in Japanese and Southeast Asian areas. The Cixi merchant Wu Jintang selected it as a gift for the Emperor of Japan and it was highly praised by Japanese imperial family.

Red bayberry

yangmei yangmei01 yangmei02 yangmei03 yangmei04 yangmeifestival

Red bayberry(Chinese: 杨梅, pinyin: yáng méi) is the most famous fruit in Cixi with a history of more than 6,000 years. Each year, a grand tourism festival of red bayberry is held in Cixi. Red bayberry is summer fruit and can only stay fresh for a short time, so it can seldom be bought in other places. Red bayberry generally comes into the market from 15th to 30th of June each year.

  Nutritive Value: Red bayberry has rich nutritional ingredients that are beneficial to human body, including vitamin C, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, etc.

Celadon Ware of Yue Kiln

Chinese: 越窑青瓷


Cixi is the birthplace of the celadon ware of Yue kiln in China.Shanglin Lake has a history of a thousand years, from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty. In the past, the “Ceramics Routes on the High Seas” with Ningbo port as the port of departure influenced more than 20 countries and regions in the world. Beside the Shanglin Lake of Kuangyan Town are scattered numerous ancient kiln sites, so the Lake is honored as the “open-air museum of celadon ware”. The celadon products made there have become the main folk arts and crafts of Cixi and the first choice for tourist souvenirs.