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Liang&Zhu Culture Park

The Liang&Zhu Culture Park(Chinese:宁波梁祝文化公园) locates at the south of Ningbo city, Zhejiang province. The park is is a love theme park, the birthplace of Liang&Zhu’s story. People often take Liang&Zhu as eastern ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Here is the brief story of them.
Liang is the man, Zhu is a lady. In their time, lady is not allowed to go out to the school, so Zhu dressed the man’s clothes and pretended to be a man to the school, she met Liang and fell in love with him. However, Liang is a stupid man and could not realize that Zhu is a lady, though he liked Zhu. When they departed, Zhu asked Liang to marry her younger sister ‘little ninthsister’, and Liang could not realize that sister is actually Zhu herself. When they departed, there’s a famous paragraph of Shaoxin opera called ‘See Zhu off for Eighteen times’, pretty funny at that time. But, after Zhu back home, she was committed to marry another man by her father. She went to death on the wedding day. Later, stupid Liang came to Zhu’s home to ask her family to marry ‘Little ninth sister’ with him, got known that Zhu was died, and Zhu was a lady in fact. Imagine the poor man, recalled all the words and reactions of Zhu, once he thought Zhu did not follow the ruls, spoke strangely, then he realized how she wanted to reveal the veils, how he kept blind to the love heart, so he went to her tomb and put himself death too. Later two butterflies flied out from the tomb, it’s said these butterflies were Liang&Zhu’s new life. Now they can stay together.

From this story, we can get a piece of Golden law that clear communication and expression are two Indispensable factors of love affair. How fortunately that ladies can go to school freely in China, and still there’re women can not go out for education publicly in some countries in the world.

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liang&zhu  statue
liang&zhu statue
liangzhu culture park
liangzhu culture park
liang zhu park
liang zhu park
liang zhu park
liang zhu park

Romon U-Park

Romon is a Chinese clothing manufacturer in Ningbo, the “U” in “Romon U-Park” is for “Universal”.

romon u-park
romon u-park

Romon U-park (Chinese: 罗蒙环球乐园) is a 200,000 ㎡ amusement park located in the south of Ningbo, China. By its size it can be considered as one of the largest urban indoor theme parks in the world. It is funded by the leading Chinese clothing manufacturer Romon Group.

Romon U-park consists of a 57.4m high indoor park and an outdoor park “Legend Island”. There are six differently themed zones in the park; Romantic Avenue, Fantasy Dream, Mystery Land, Adventure Challenge, Festival Plaza and The Island of Legends. In all there are over 30 attractions, 30 specialty restaurants and 20 specialty shops.

Etymology: Romon is a Chinese clothing manufacturer and the “U” in “Romon U-Park” is for “Universal”.The total cost of the project was over 3 billion RMB.

Ticket Price: 230 RMB Yuan for adults, half for kids.

Yuehu Park

yuehu yuehu02 yuehu03

If you’re pining for a respite from the urban treadmill, look no further than Yuehu Park. Its location near downtown Ningbo offers easy access for a quick and relaxing getaway. Built in AD 636, the park’s landscape is dotted with towers, terraces and pavilions lining the perimeter of Moon Lake. The park has a long history as a meeting place for scholars. It affords ample place to stroll, sit, picnic or just lose yourself in a bit of nature. Boats are available for hire to float around the lake or try your hand at a bit of fishing. Several shops offer snacks and drinks for visitors.

On any nice day, you’ll see older couples walking the paths together, young couples sneaking a cuddle, and children racing excitedly over the bridges and around boulders. Many people come to the park on their own to enjoy moments of tranquility.

Tired from the trip? Stretch your legs at Yuehu Lake Park. It’s in downtown Ningbo, so take your time to check into a hotel first and take a taxi. Yuehu Lake is known as Ningbo’s own “West Lake,” where locals love to relax without leaving the city. Yuehu, literally “the moon lake,” dates to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). It was a place where ancient scholars, poets and painters gathered. Today, the park includes 10 scenic spots, including islands, pavilions and bridges. The remains of the ancient Korean Embassy can be found on the east bank of Yuehu Lake, as Ningbo used to be a key port for trade between China and other countries and a starting point for the Silk Road on the Sea, the two most favored courses followed by ancient trade ships on the East China and South China seas. The embassy was built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). You can choose to visit the relic if you love history, or simply walk around the lake, looking at grandfathers doing tai chi, or rent a boat to enjoy the sunshine.