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Zongxi huang – People From Ningbo

Zongxi huang(Chinese: 黄宗羲)(1610.9.24-1695.8.12)

He was historians, thinkers, geographers, astronomers, historians and educationists In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. Zongxi Huang is extremely learned, profound in thought, rich in writing, and has written more than 50 books in his lifetime, more than 300 volumes, including :《明儒学案》《宋元学案》《明夷待访录》《孟子师说》《葬制或问》《破邪论》《思旧录》《易学象数论》《明文海》《行朝录》《今水经》《大统历推法》《四明山志》

His father is one of “The seven gentleman of the Donglin”, his mother is a daughter of a famous book collector. He himself, together with Gu Yanwu and Wang Fuzhi was called as “the three great thinkers in the late Ming and early Qing”, and together with his brother Huang Zongyan and Huang Zonghui was called as “East Zhejiang Sanhuang”; and together with Gu Yanwu, Fang Yizhi, Wang Fuzhi, Zhu Shunshui, was called as “the five people in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty”, also known as the “father of Chinese thought enlightenment”. Together with Li Yong from Shannxi and Sun Qifeng from Rongcheng, and was called as “the three great Confucian scholars in the sea”. (Chinese:“东林七君子”黄尊素长子。与顾炎武、王夫之并称“明末清初三大思想家”;与弟黄宗炎、黄宗会号称“浙东三黄”;与顾炎武、方以智、王夫之、朱舜水并称为“明末清初五大家”,亦有“中国思想启蒙之父”之誉。与陕西李颙、直隶容城孙奇逢并称“海内三大鸿儒”。)

From above titles, we can see that he was a very social schoolar.

huangzongxi tomb
huangzongxi tomb
huangzongxi book
huangzongxi book
huangzongxi four of yuyao
huangzongxi four of yuyao

Shunshui Zhu – People From Ningbo

Shunshui Zhu(Chinese:朱舜水)(1600~1682), a scholar and an educator.

After Ming dynasty was over, he went to Japan and lived there. Then he gave lectures in Nagasaki and Edo (now Tokyo) and disseminating Confucianism, which was highly valued by Japanese politicians. He is the author of the book “Zhu Shunshui collection”.

There’s a tomb of him in Fant tower Park, Songjiang district,Shanghai.He was one of Four from Yuyao, Ningbo in his time.

zhushunshui book
zhushunshui book

zhushunshui house
zhushunshui house

Qi Sha’s old house

Qi Sha (Chinese:沙耆), 1914-2005. An oil painter. He unfortunately got psychology sick in 1946. However he was very fortunate that his family and the government took care of him very well, so he could live long and worked on art in late of his life.

Address: Sha villge, Tangxi Town, Yin xian district, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China(Chinse:浙江省鄞县沙村).

He studied from Beihong Xu in 1937, in the same year he went to Royal Art college of Bellgium to study from Painter ABastien. He ever studies in Shanghai Changming Art School(Chinese:上海昌明艺专), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts(Chinese:上海美专), Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(Chinese: 杭州艺专), Art department of Central college(Chinese: 中央大学艺术系) for 9 years.

His art products:

shaqi's oil painting
shaqi’s oil painting

The old house:

shaqi's old house
shaqi’s old house

Shouren Wang’s (YangMing Wang)old house

Shouren Wang(Chinese: 王守仁, alias: 王阳明), was ever in the earth from 1472/10/31 to 1529/1/9.
Adress: South of Wusheng Gate Road, Yuyao, Ningbo city, China.(Chinese: 余姚武胜门路西侧)
Shouren is a famouse thinker, educator, militarist, calligrapher in Ming dynasty. The system of mind(Chinese: 心学体系) set up by him has become an important turning point in the history of Chinese thought.

yangming's old house
yangming’s old house

Tao Tang’s old house

Tao Tang (Chinese: 唐弢) was born in 1913/3/3 in Zhenghai(currently Jiangbei district), Ningbo, China. He died in 1992 in Beijing. He is a writer and book collector. His collection of books has a large number of 43,000, including 16,700 kinds of magazines, 26,300 kinds of books. He is No.1 book collector of China.

Tao’s father was cheated by a cooperator in paper when Tao is a child, so he decided to send Tao to the school. Some local people of his hometown said that farmer’s child will not be able to come out, Tao tried to write some poems to prove his education value. However, his father got heavy sick psychologically because of the bad economic condition. So he had to stop his education from middle school in grade seven, and went to the post office as a letter picker. He kept writing in his spare time. In 1978, he became the part-time profession of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

His old house was not protected well, and near it lives some families…well, because it’s a house once built by a poor family, so it does not have a good looking, which visitors want to pay visiting from a long distance.

tangtao's old house
tangtao’s old house

Yán She family hotel

Yán She(Chinese:芫舍) family hotel started to operate from 2016. It’s about one hour way(31.1km) from Ningbo Lishe international airport, and one hour way(27.6km) from Ningbo east station.

It has about 1200 square meters, wifi,air conditions and hair drier available in all rooms, hot water ready for 24 hours.

It can be contacted by:
Phone: 13780095623 (English speakers may not be able to be understand via phone, it’s better to speak Chinese)
Adress: Meishu bay, Hengxi town, Yinzhou district, Ning city,Zhejiang Province, China(Chinese: 鄞州区横溪镇梅树湾)

yan she hotel in ningbo
yan she hotel in ningbo