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Population of Cixi


Cixi is accelerating the construction of a mid-scale modern city. 2012,It covers a total land area of 1,361 km2 and has a population of 2.04 million, including 1.04 million registered permanent residents and 1 million temporary residents. Fifteen towns and five subdistricts are under the jurisdiction of Cixi City and there are 325 administrative villages including committees and communities.

Geographic of Cixi

Cixi City locates on the south of the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta, which is the most promising area for future development. Being the anchor of the Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo Economic Golden Triangle, Cixi is 60 km (37 mi) from Ningbo in the east, 148 km (92 mi) from Shanghai in the north and 138 km (86 mi) from Hangzhou in the west. Cixi has a subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 16℃. With the emphasis on the city’s infrastructure, Cixi has an effective public transportation system that provides convenience.


Highway: Roads within the city lead to all directions and there is 1.5-hour drive to Hangzhou, 1-hour drive to Ningbo, and 1.5-hour drive to Shanghai. The red line in the figure indicates the Hangzhouwan Bridge over the East sea.

Airvation: Within an 1.5 hour transport circle are the four major airports: Ningbo Lishe International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Water Transport: Within a radius of 150 kilometer, there are two international ports: the port of Shanghai and the port of Ningbo.

History of Cixi City


Cixi is a city with a rich culture and a long history. It was part of the state of Yue in the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 B.C.). The county was set up in the Qin Dynasty. At first it was called “Juzhang” and has been using the name of “Cixi” since the Kaiyuan reign of the Tang Dynasty (738 A.D.).

After the adjusting of administrative areas in 1954, current city border of Cixi is combined by the northern parts of original Cixi, Yuyao and Zhen Hai xian, so it’s called SanBei (Chinese: 三北, pinyin: sān beǐ, which means “the three north”). It became a satellite city repealing county system and setting up city system in 1988.