Qi Sha’s old house

Qi Sha (Chinese:沙耆), 1914-2005. An oil painter. He unfortunately got psychology sick in 1946. However he was very fortunate that his family and the government took care of him very well, so he could live long and worked on art in late of his life.

Address: Sha villge, Tangxi Town, Yin xian district, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China(Chinse:浙江省鄞县沙村).

He studied from Beihong Xu in 1937, in the same year he went to Royal Art college of Bellgium to study from Painter ABastien. He ever studies in Shanghai Changming Art School(Chinese:上海昌明艺专), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts(Chinese:上海美专), Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(Chinese: 杭州艺专), Art department of Central college(Chinese: 中央大学艺术系) for 9 years.

His art products:

shaqi's oil painting
shaqi’s oil painting

The old house:

shaqi's old house
shaqi’s old house