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Ningbo (Chinese: 宁波; pinyin: Níngbō; Ningbo dialect: About this sound Nyin-poh/Nyin-pou ), also formerly written Ningpo, is a seaport city in the northeast of Zhejiang province, People’s Republic of China. Holding sub-provincial administrative status and separate state-planning status,as of the 2010 census, the municipality had a population of 7.6 million — with 3.5 residing in the built-up (or metro) area made of the 6-district urban area proper. Ningbo lies south of the Hangzhou Bay, which separates it from the municipalities of Jiaxing and Shanghai; to the east it faces the East China Sea; borders Shaoxing to the west; borders Taizhou to the south; and is separated from Zhoushan by a narrow body of water.

Ningbo has direct jurisdiction over 6 districts (urban), 3 county-level cities and 2 Counties, as displayed in the map.


  • districts
    Haishu District 海曙区 Hǎishǔ Qū (1)
    Jiangdong District 江东区 Jiāngdōng Qū (2)
    Jiangbei District 江北区 Jiangbei Qū (3)
    Beilun District 北仑区 Běilún Qū (4)
    Zhenhai District 镇海区 Zhènhǎi Qū (5)
    Yinzhou District 鄞州区 Yínzhōu Qū (6)
  • Counties
    Xiangshan County 象山县 Xiàngshān Xiàn (10)
    Ninghai County 宁海县 Nínghǎi Xiàn (11)
  • County-level cities
    Yuyao 余姚市 Yúyáo Shì (7)
    Cixi 慈溪市 Cíxī Shì (8)
    Fenghua 奉化市 Fènghuà Shì (9)

Ningbo is such a place
Mention Ningbo in Zhejiang Province, and most people think of the sea, seafood and snacks. But the city also has forested scenery, a developed economy and quite a few tourist destinations.

Officials claim the coastal city has been ranked No. 3 among 60 cities nationwide for several seasons on a “tourist satisfaction index” by China Tourism Academy.

Last year more than 62 million domestic tourists and 1.27 million foreign tourists visited Ningbo, which has 5.8 million residents in the greater metropolitan area and 2.3 in the main urban area.

It is not hard to understand why tourists feel satisfied. The streets are clean and the air is fresh. People aren’t rushing about and talking fast. They like to take it easy in a tea house or restaurant, enjoying tea, seafood and a good life.

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