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Lulin Sea foods market – Some markets in Ningbo

Are you a teacher teaching English from Europe in Ningbo now?
Are you an engineer helping on new product line from USA in Ningbo now?
Or, Are you a student learning Chinese in Ningbo now?

How do you spend your leisure time? Do you need buy food and clothes?
To improve the living quality, we need either increase our income, or cut down the cost of daily life.

Here comes some markets information for the foreigners live in Ningbo now.

sea food market in ningbo,China
sea food market in ningbo,China

Lulin seafood market was built at about 30 years ago. At the beginning, it sold the dry goods, like
Dried shrimps,fish fillets. Now, there’re lots of fresh seafoods there.

It’s wholesale market, the main clients are the restaurants, the retail price will be very high. If you want to buy some seafoods for yourself or your family there, you’d better ask some friends together to go there, so you can share them with affordabl quantity to your Refrigerators and stomachs, and try more types of seafood at one time.You see, one can live by himself, but it’s better to have some connections like neighbours or friends for the living.

sea food in lulin market, Ningbo, China
sea food in lulin market, Ningbo, China

Last week, the price of the swimming crabs is about $6/500g, the price of the Hairy Crabs is about $4/500g, the price of the Oysters is about $1.5/500g.

So if there’re someone else can share with you to make group buy done, it’s very nice experience to buy seafoods once a week there.